Rakka-Takka Motherfucker!


Hail VanCantians!

Following the release of the new Van Canto album „Dawn of the Brave“ and our great lottery (check if you are one of the lucky winners here) broadcast on Netsound Radio, it is time to launch the next part of our initiative „Van Cantians for Van Cantians“! Our lottery has yielded 970€, which we want to use to bring Fans to the Van Canto performance on April 5th, 2014 at the Live Music Hall in Cologne :

Who can participate?

  • Every Van Canto Fan, who has no „Dawn of the Brave“-Tour concert within 300km of her or his home town!

What do I get?

  • Free tickets for the show (Thank you Van Canto).

  • Reimbursement of travel costs (also see below).

  • A cool live-performance of your favorite Acapella Metal Band!

How do I apply?

  • Make a funny Video, explaining why YOU deserve to see the Van Canto-Show in Cologne.

  • Upload the Video to youtube using the name: „Van Cantians for Van Cantians – your name“.

  • Send an E-Mail to info@rakka-takka.de including the following information

    • The Link to your Video.

    • Your address

    • An estimate of the financial aid needed for you coming to the concert.

    • Application deadline is February 28th, 2014.

Who will win?

  • On March 1st, Van Canto will vote for the coolest Videos.

  • We will continue to assign winners until the complete budget of the initiative is distributed to the fans.

  • All winners will be notified immediately by E-Mail.

What else do I need to know?

  • When estimating travel distances we use the shortest route as indicated by the Falk-Routenplaner

  • We can only reimburse actual costs (Keep your tickets for reimbursement!)

  • If you come by car, we reimburse 30 Cents per km.

  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you in getting VISA's to come to Germany.

Good Luck!!!!

Your Rakka-Takka e.V.

Hail VanCantians!

The „Tour of the Brave“, promoting Van Canto’s new CD, will start on 14.02.2014. You always wanted to see our favorite band live, but could not afford the travel and tickets? The initiative “VanCantians for VanCantians” may help you fulfilling this dream. This works as follows:

Make an entertaining video, explaining why you deserve to come to a Van Canto-concert. Upload it on youtube and label the upload “VanCantians for VanCantians – Your Name”. Send the link to your video to

The deadline for the contributions is 28.02.2014. On 01.03.2014, Van Canto will choose a number of lucky winners. These winners will receive a partial reimbursement of their travel costs. Moreover, Van Canto will sponsor your free entrance to the concert!

Rakka-Takka Motherfucker!

Hail VanCantians

The lottery determining the lucky winners of our initiative “VanCantians for VanCantians” will take place on 15.02.2014 starting at 20:00 (Berlin time). The drawing will be part of a special show made by http://netsoundradio.eu (Thanks for your support, guys!). For all participants that cannot tune into the stream, a list of the winning tickets will be published on our homepage www.rakka-takka.de.

Prices can be claimed by scanning or photographing your ticket and sending the image together with your mail address to our E-Mail account info@rakka-takka.de.

Good luck to all of you!

Rakka-Takka Lottery

The ticket sale for the big Rakka-Takka lottery (connected with the Van Cantians for Van Cantians initiative) has been kicked off at the fan-recoding event for the new Van Canto CD held in Dortmund on July 29th, 2013. Lottery tickets, giving a chance on winning great prices, are still available! To simplify the organization, we decided to sell the remaining tickets in batches of six at a price of 10€ per "six-pack". Of course, you can also buy more than one six-pack to increase your chances on winning the back-drop of the Tribe-of-force tour. Please contact usif you are interested in participating!

We also accept donations for the Van Cantians for Van Cantians initiative.

A CD release in Winter 2013!

Van Canto on Tour!

For some Vancantiens it is impossible to join?!

No way!

Rakka-Takka e.V. launches a fan-fonds which provides financial aid for fans with a long journey!

How can Vancantians contribute?

a)      - Join our lottery

b)      - Join our special events

More details will be available soon on our web-site: www.rakka-takka.de