Our elected Board from 2017

Das sind wir!

From top left to bottom right:
Marc Schneider, Torsten Reiss, Carsten Pleines, Markus Lovric
Christian Schultheis, Rebecca Maurer, Ina Pleines, Björn Wynarski, Hanna Wynarski

This is us! No matter what questions or suggestions for new actions or maybe ideas for improvement, you can always contact us! Here we introduce ourselves briefly:

Ina Pleines
1st Chairwoman

Ina is one of the founding members of the club. With a lot of heart and dedication, she's been on fire since day one. She has direct contact with the band and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Markus Lovric
2nd Chairman

As one of the new members of the board, Markus forms the chair together with Ina. In decision-making and collusion regarding the club, he is one of the first to get involved and represents the club in the front line.

Carsten Pleines

As "man of finance" Carsten is responsible for the management of the contributions, the expenses for events and all financial matters of the association. He too is one of the founding members of the club.

Hanna Wynarski

As soon as it comes to the annual general meeting, it must be ensured that the finances are right. Here, Hanna helps our Carsten helpful and thus confirms the correctness of Carstens work.

Rebecca Maurer

Together with Hanna, Rebecca makes sure that all finances of our club's fiscal year are right and Carsten has done everything right.

Marc Schneider
1st Secretary

Marc is our man for the written word at board meetings and annual general meetings. His protocols help the entire board to realize the planned projects and actions in detail.

Björn Wynarski
2nd Secretary

Björn assists Marc in the creation of protocols and represents him in meetings in his absence. The two complement each other, so that no gaps can be found in the protocol.

Torsten Reiss
Assessor / Editor

Torsten is an assessor and thus advises the board in its decisions. In addition, he intends to spice up the social media area with Christian in the future, which is good, because he is also the moderator of the "Metal Cafe", where raffles were already held by the club.

Christian Schultheis
Assessor / Editor

Christian is also one of the newest members of the board and - as well as Torsten - assessor. In addition to the editorial office of the new homepage, he will turn the area of ​​social media on its head and announce the information about club and band everywhere!


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