Report of the centennial anniversary

After great deeds, legends will follow.

So, stay a while and read of the event, full of ancient knowledge, powerful music and an overall epic celebration. It took place 19 years after the second millennium, in the 11th month, five days after the new moon.

The place of our story (and a true one, it is!), was the stately hill castle „Ronneburg“. Counting the 15th hour this Saturday the elders of the fan club gathered, to make final preparations for this long-planned event. Aside from putting on their ornate vestments, they set up all these newfangled tools, like for displaying enlarged and moving pictures or amplifying the voice to the level of a dragon’s roar.

Soon the invited guests from all over the country arrived at this meaningful place. After many joyful reunions and shouts of „long time no see!”, after many strong hugs and gracious curtseys, then began the first part of the official gathering. 

In the castle courtyard, baroness Martina awaited, ready to tell these who were listen about the secrets of the Ronneburg and about its history, shrouded in legends. Leaving the courtyard, she led us to the once destroyed drawbridge, build anew from solid stone to span the moat. Invoking pictures of a siege in our minds, the baroness told us of the dread of raining stone, fire and corpses down on the castle and how it was built to withstand such attacks. This explained, she mentioned the need of getting supply of food and water into the besieges fortress and the dangers of such undertakings. Perfectly timed to guide us to the well.

This well was not a mere hole in the dirt. No! This was a statement of medieval engineering, reaching 96 meters (315 feet) down into the solid volcanic basalt. Deep down, in pitch black it provided 12 meters (39 feet) deep of untainted water. Everyone was deeply impressed when powerful lights came to light, revealing the hard-built heritage of two decades of craftsmen. At once theories and myths of gargantuan hamsters powering the winding handle and mountain spirits angered by the construction filled the room. All of them set right by the wise baroness Martina.

Our next stop was the front court, where on the walk along the battlements crests of many families were on display. Today, each of them tying the Ronneburg to another part of its history, were of rather pragmatic use in the old days. In a time, where most people couldn’t read and Battles where fierce, one needed a quick and easy indication which one’s skull must be split and which head had to remain unharmed to drink with later. Obvious to us fellows, there could be only one coat of arms:

One of these crest bearing armors easily weighing 40 kg (88 pound) and more could be marveled at on our way to the next stop.

Back in the castle courtyard, we gathered around our perhaps most valiant knave in our ranks, Timo M. who was destined to demonstrate the use of a pillory. He endured this with much dignity, while baroness Martina explained its use. He still did, while she taught us about the castle keep in the background and some today sayings derived from its use back in time. After we heard all that was to know, finally he was released and we moved on to the armory and (Timo, behold! 😊) the torture chamber.

Our way to the last stop of this historical journey we wandered through the bakery, tightly connected to the kitchen and into the common room, hearing tales of times long gone. With tremendous applause we thanked baroness Martina for her effort and all the stories, mind capturing and informative alike. But as time went by, we now would gather for an event only known to a chosen few of the fan club.

Fanfares sounding, we welcomed the master of ceremonies Alexander the Peaceful. At his behest, the masters of honors Markus the scholar, Torsten the brilliant and Christian the eloquent should step forward, to honor the attending jubilarians. According to their years of service under the banner of wine-red and black they received a badge on silver or gold for their devotion.

But not only the fan club was prepared for this day. The band itself had some surprises at hand. To prove the vocal skills of their fanbase Jan and Hagen called for a joint chorus of „The Bards Song “, followed by the powerful „Bards Call “. At last we all rose the question „ What shall we do with the drunken sailor “, just to come up with a plethora of answers. That will not be quickly forgotten.

Following, beams of light told a story in moving picture and sound. Many questions were gathered and brought to the band during the last tour. Brave as they are, they answer them honest and true, caught on tape (well, bits and digits nowadays). Emotions like pride and cheerful laughter filled the room. Everyone was caught by this joy, and so were Susanne the gentle and Thomas the giant, who were really enjoying themselves.

Ina the good-natured then took all on a journey through the last 10 years, showing pictures of beautiful and unforgettable moments. The atmosphere in the room alternating from silent remembrance to lively retelling, everyone found one of their special moments. At the very end of the official program with precise timing, Ross the bald reached out to us through the aether. Being stuck in the swamps of everyday work, he could not be with us on this day, but he still went the extra mile to send us greetings and a „ Rakka-Takka! “ via video. And thus, the official part ended. 

While the following feast in the nearby tavern, there was much laughter, good talk and good food (definitely no fast food! 😉). And thus, slowly, with fading conversation, this day  did draw to its end.

First of all, we want to thank the band „Van Canto”. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Actually, you are the reason why we do exist like we do in this fellowship. Always stay RAKKA-TAKKA!

Also, we want to thank all the responsible people of the Burg Ronneburg. Without your tireless effort this location would not be so well preserved as it Is today. 

Special thanks goes to our special guests, Susanne und Thomas known as the Band „MoonSun“. You showing up at this event was great and a big surprise to most (or maybe all?) of the members of the fan club. Thanks for your support!

Last but not least we want to thank all members for the beautiful time spent at the Ronneburg and for the loyalty over all these years!

To the next 10 years looking forward to many more awesome memories!!




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