Support Act: MoonSun

Tour Number 7 - A new era begins: It will not be long until Van Canto will start the eagerly anticipated new tour and the halls will once again echo the "Rakkatakka Motherfucker" of several hundred throats.

And again this year, Van Canto got support from two support acts that couldn't have been better selected: the symphonic metal band "MoonSun" and the power metal band "Evertale"
We would like to introduce the bands to you today and tomorrow, which we are pretty sure, you will celebrate as much as Van Canto.

First we want to introduce you to the band "MoonSun".

The band was founded by singer Susanne Scherer and guitarist Thomas Kolbin. Both knew each other from the band "Mystic Hour", in which they played music together, and it came to the idea to create a side project next to "Mystic Hour". That's how the band "MoonSun" was formed. Their direction is classical symphonic metal, which is very clearly recognizable on the album "MoonSun Covers Vol.1". As the name of the album implies, it consists mainly of covered songs of well-known music acts, such as Nightwish (including Walking in the air, Nemo), Evanescence (My Immortal), Bonnie Tyler (Total Eclipse of the Heart) and many more.

We are looking forward to great concerts with the band MoonSun.

Here's a little impression for what you can expect from them !!!

And if you want to know more about "MoonSun", then check out their homepage:

Rakkatakka motherfucker!

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