Support Act: Evertale

Tour Number 7 - A new era begins: Part II

After we introduced "MoonSun" to you yesterday, the first support band of the upcoming tour, the time has come now for the second band.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the band "Evertale".

The band was founded in 2008, but the first album was not available for a long time due to various reasons. In 2013, the writing of the lyrics was finished and in 2015 the guys around frontman Matthias Graf could bring their album "Of Dragons and Elves" to the man or the woman via the label NoiseArt Records. Here are the songs "In The Sign Of The Valiant Warrior" and the title track "Of Dragons And Elves" which are pretty worth of listening.
The following album "The Great Brotherwar" is in no way inferior to its predecessor. Fast double bass passages alternate with midtempo sections. Highly recommended are the songs "Empire Rising" and "Chapter 666 (We are the hammer)". And as if they somehow had guessed already in 2017, the album includes an old familiar song. "Take to the sky", a well-known Van Canto song was covered by Evertale. It will be interesting to see if both bands will find each other on stage together on the tour and perform this song.

Here is a little taste of their musical skills:

We look forward to a great time together with Evertale!

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