A Storm to come

Every band has their own story. Here and in the articles to come, we will tell you the story behind this unique band with unique talents.

In 2006, an idea emerged. An idea to turn the world of music on its head and add a new shade to a genre.

An easy question: how do you change a whole genre and leave a lasting impression? The solution: sing the instruments. That’s exactly what makes Van Canto unique. With just the power of voice and a drum kit they invented a new style of music: A-Capella-Metal!

The magic word is: Rakka-Takka! But why “Van Canto”? The explanation is as easy as it’s brilliant. “Canto” originates from the Latin word “cantare” and means “I sing”. But because a band named “Canto” would sound a bit strange, the word “Van” was added. It doesn’t really mean anything, but – to cite an interview with the band – it “really looks better on posters”.

The band’s founder is Stef. Originally meant to be nothing but a studio project, the first album “A Storm to Come” was released in December 2006. Besides cover versions of “Battery” (Metallica) and “Stora Rövardansen” (from the movie “Ronia, the Robber's Daughter“), it contained seven original songs. A YouTube-clip for the song „The Mission“ was released at the same time. A song that’s to this day a highlight at concerts!

Have a listen!

The album was followed by performances at festivals like Bochum Total, RockHarz and Dong Open Air.

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